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My New Craft and Sewing Studio

I have always dreamed of having a dedicated craft and sewing studio, we just never had the room for it.  When we bought this house a year and a half ago, we were excited to have 4 bedrooms.  We turned the front room into an office for studying (we are both taking college classes), leaving a room for our son, a room for us, and an extra room that we turned into a guest bedroom.  I think John finally got tired of me taking over the dining room table and I know I got tired of hidey-holing my craft and sewing supplies all over the house.  It made crafting and sewing such a bother!

So last month, John suggested that I take the guest bedroom and turn it into a dedicated craft and sewing room.  I've been fixing it up ever since, and I think I finally got it into usable condition.  It is so nice to have all my supplies in one place.  It's even nicer to be able to leave my projects out until I complete them.  Before, I was having to clean off the dining room table every evening for din…

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